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The company

TUYA Technologies, LLC is a Texas company, that is developing and deploying a technology marketplace platform that will disrupt and revolutionize the same-day business to business delivery industry.

TUYA envisions a simple, easy to use technology platform (marketplace) that enables shippers of all types to directly and efficiently contract and manage same-day express delivery shipments.

TUYA’s technology will facilitate relationships between shippers and direct pre-screened and qualified Independent Professional Drivers (IPDs). Concurrently, IPDs are provided with a user-friendly interface to accept delivery jobs that they are qualified and willing to perform.

Our values






Tuya has created technology to bring same-day delivery to the shared economy.

The TUYA marketplace comprises a suite of mobile and desktop applications that provide intuitive and easy to use features. The platform will also provide a foundation for additional product and service offerings.  The same-day delivery industry is currently enjoying renewed market growth and the TUYA platform is a natural and necessary phase of that evolution.

We are building and maintaining a qualified driver pool to provide qualified and reliable options to any shipper. Driver shortages at certain times affect traditional courier service models, but the TUYA platform will mean a constantly available pool of drivers, fully vetted and ready to deliver. The demands placed on Independent Contractors in traditional models preclude part time or casual participation, but TUYA makes it easy significantly widening the pool of available options to shippers.

IPDs must be able to pass a rigorous screening process requiring a good driving record, state minimum insurance levels, personal background checks, and appropriate licensing. The flexibility provided by the platform and Driver Pool is a strong motivator to drivers as they will be able to set their own hours and select the deliveries they want. Combined with the ability to earn more, the TUYA platform presents IPDs with an opportunity to run their own businesses.

TUYA‘s business model is focused entirely on building driver pools and communities of shippers. In both cases, there are very compelling motivators to abandon traditional relationships and methods, and adopt TUYA as the primary source for same day services.

Shipper Advantages

  • Reduced price compared to traditional delivery models.
  • User friendly interface allowing shipper to enter order specifics of shipment on multiple devices.
  • Confidence that drivers satisfy minimum standards as an Independent Professional Driver.
  • Ability to select level of service and see job cost immediately.
  • Ability to pay with a credit card.
  • Ability to maintain a group of preferred drivers.
  • Real time package/driver tracking.
  • Direct communication with driver by text or cell phone.

Driver Advantages

  • Increased earning potential.
  • Paid faster than by traditional courier company.
  • Total flexibility in setting work hours.
  • Prerogative to accept or reject delivery jobs offered.
  • Ability to manage business entirely from mobile device.
  • Ability to stack jobs by carrying more than one at a time.
  • Ability to accept jobs from many sources as opposed to a single dispatcher.
  • Driver can participate part-time as an income supplement to a different full-time job.
  • Access to tools that help manage his/her business.

The TUYA technology platform will be part of the new collaborative services paradigm. New generations of drivers and shippers expect to participate in the transformation to tools and technologies that support the way they think, the way they act and the way they do, in their personal lives and their vocations. Ultimately, TUYA will provide a comprehensive and efficient toolset bringing together on-demand, scheduled, and distribution workflow in one end-to-end technology solution connecting shippers directly with other shippers greatly increasing the activity level of the marketplace and the inherent value of the company.

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