TUYA is a Texas-based tech company that’s making same-day delivery better for business. Our digital platform makes the entire experience simpler, faster and more convenient by connecting you directly with a crowdsourced fleet of delivery professionals that you choose.

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How it works:

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Enter your order quickly with ease from your laptop or phone.

Fast order entry
Transparent pricing & updates
Choose your delivery professional
Track your delivery

Follow the delivery progress every step of the way.

Real-time tracking
Talk to the driver directly
Instant updates
Share real-time tracking with your customers
Receive your delivery

Use TUYA for your next delivery.

Let your customers talk directly with the driver
Get proof of delivery
Add driver to your favorites

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With TUYA you get complete price transparency before placing an order. Use this estimator to see how our pricing compares to your current provider. Discounts available based on volume.

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Our Digital Platform

Track Your Package

Rely on user-friendly tracking of your delivery from pickup to drop-off.

Choose Your Own Driver

Set up pools of preferred drivers or send a delivery to a specific driver.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Share tracking information and delivery driver information with your customer.

Connect Directly With Driver

Talk or email directly with the driver. Take the game of phone tag away.

See Price Before Ordering

Get pricing transparency & see the price before you place the order.

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Use TUYA as a Delivery Professional

Why stop at being your own boss? Build your own business with TUYA.


TUYA gives you access to more jobs and the ability to work multiple jobs at once to reduce downtime.


We’ll reward you for introducing new businesses to TUYA.


We give you the tools to build your own delivery business.


The more deliveries you complete on time, the more you can win.

Become a delivery professional.