Reinventing same-day delivery

A Better Experience, Delivered TUYA

We are a Houston-based tech company that’s making same-day delivery better for businesses. Our digital platform makes the entire experience simpler, faster and more convenient by connecting you directly with a crowdsourced fleet of delivery professionals that you choose. It’s like having your own fleet at a fraction of the cost.


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The Team

TUYA has assembled an outstanding team of entrepreneurs and seasoned executives who have each excelled in his own area.

From technology to global growth; from fundraising to marketing; from M&A to transition management the team brings a proven ability to deliver, both as individuals and as a team on previous projects.

Combined, the leadership team has acquired over 200 businesses, completed more than 20 company exits and have been leaders in innovative and disruptive technologies. They have also grown businesses from startup to over $1bn in annual revenues.

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Over 100 years combined experience

20 exits successfully completed

200 businesses acquired

Known and trusted industry leader

Implicit understanding of the market

most recent $220m exit in 2016

start-ups grown to $1 billion

internationally experienced team


Ship with TUYA

TUYA is the most exciting development in the Same Day Express delivery market in many years.

TUYA is a collaborative marketplace where drivers and shippers can capitalize on the shared economy. Our team of specialists has spent decades in the industry, mastering effective approaches to the market’s unique challenges. We expect to begin rolling out our platform in the coming months.

If you are interested in investment opportunities with TUYA, we are interested in speaking to you. Contact us today to find out exactly how you could benefit from a unique opportunity to work with a team well known for successful delivery.

Become an independent driver

If you’re a driver who’d like greater control over your business activities, we recommend you evaluate TUYA. If you find yourself taken for granted, or your margins squeezed by employers who treat you as a commodity, we’d like to offer you a new deal. By becoming a truly independent provider of professional driving services, you’ll run your own business and TUYA can give you the tools to make it happen. You’ll have the opportunity to make more money with less stress and more flexibility. Work when you want; work for the customers you like; take the jobs you like.  So talk to us today; once you take the leap you won’t look back.

Same day delivery companies

To accelerate the implementation and growth of our marketplace platform, TUYA is purchasing twenty-five same-day delivery companies in cities across the US. TUYA is now interviewing select pre-qualified companies in each target city from which one will be selected for acquisition.

TUYA will pay strong market returns for each of the companies it acquires and is looking for businesses which fit a defined profile. Importantly TUYA is looking for entrepreneurs who share our vision, who recognize the changes that are going to take place in the industry, and who are excited to join our team as shareholders, helping TUYA expand fast and dominate local markets. Contact the team today for more information.