Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with TUYA

TUYA is a digital platform reinventing same day business delivery. TUYA connects shippers directly to a network of professional drivers to make same-day and courier deliveries simpler, fast and more convenient.
TUYA provides same day business delivery services in the greater Houston area.
You can register for TUYA by going to Once you confirm your email address, and add your credit card, you’ll be able to start placing orders. For on-the-go shipping, download the TUYA Shipper app from the Google Play Store after registering online.

For an in-depth tutorial, please watch this video:

Placing an Order

You must register at, confirm your email address and add a credit card before you can place an order. After logging in, provide the pickup address, items to be picked up, and the delivery time frame. You will also need to provide the delivery address and have the option to select your driver.

For an in-depth tutorial, please watch this video:
A general offer allows your order to be picked up and delivered by any qualified delivery professional in the area.
A limited pool is a group of your preferred drivers. By using a limited pool, you can offer your order to a predetermined group of drivers you trust.
An exclusive offer allows you to assign your order directly to a specific driver.
Yes. Real-time tracking is set with a 3-minute delay for driver safety and the security of your cargo.
There is no definitive cut-off time as we operate 24 hours per day. We have drivers who work nights and weekends. However, we recommend that you make deliveries during standard business hours as available drivers will be reduced during non-business hours.
Our standard service is a 3-hour pickup and delivery. You can customize time to be longer or shorter on The shortest time we can accommodate is 1 hour for pickup and delivery.
Login to your account and then select the order you would like to modify. On the right-hand side, you will see a button to edit your order. Available edits may be limited due to the status of your order. Contact us at 833-TUYA-NOW if you need further assistance.
Login to your account and then select the order you would like to modify. On the right-hand side, you will see a button to cancel your order.


With TUYA, you will always have upfront pricing before you place an order. The price depends on factors such as the level of urgency, the distance, the weight, and the prevailing traffic conditions.
A wait time fee could be added if a delivery item isn’t ready when a driver arrives. If a driver is unable to deliver a package, an attempt fee may also be applied.

Help with Shipping

Items must be under 3,000 pounds and be able to fit in a sprinter van. We cannot ship hazardous materials or people.
We will always handle each item as instructed. When placing an order, please provide instructions on material handling. Make sure that your delivery item is packaged accordingly.
Please contact us at 833-TUYA-NOW.

Delivery Drivers

In order to add a driver, you must know the driver’s number, or the driver must have driven for you before.
For privacy reasons, you cannot search for a driver using their name until they have already made a delivery for you. You must know their driver number, or the driver must have driven for you before. Please ask your preferred driver for his/her driver number in order to send an exclusive offer to them or add them to a limited pool.
No; they are independent contractors.
All drivers are required to wear a TUYA lanyard and an ID badge that will include their driver number.
We strive to provide the very best service. If a driver did not meet your expectations, please contact the TUYA helpline at 833-TUYA-NOW, and we will work to correct the issue.