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About Us

Our mission is to make same-day delivery better for businesses and delivery professionals through improved control, visibility, convenience and efficiencies provided by the TUYA platform.

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At TUYA, we’re building a business to solve the challenges facing same-day, local delivery.

TUYA Technologies is a tech company founded in Houston that is transforming the business-to-business, same-day delivery industry.

Our digital marketplace platform connects businesses directly with a fleet of qualified delivery professionals for same-day delivery, stripping away inefficiencies and providing new opportunities for businesses and delivery professionals alike. Businesses place their delivery orders either online or via our mobile app, and qualified delivery professionals accept the ones that fit well into their existing route and schedule.

This direct connection reduces delivery costs for businesses while improving the delivery experience for businesses and delivery professionals.

But we don’t stop there. We also have features that help businesses use same-day delivery as a differentiator to drive growth. And, we’ve built programs to create opportunities for delivery professionals to make more money than they would with conventional delivery services.

It’s simple. It’s empowering. It’s sophisticated. It’s TUYA.

“In order to be a successful digital platform, TUYA treats both businesses and delivery professionals as our customers.”

John OrenCEO

The right experience to transform the same day, local delivery.

Decades of same-day delivery experience
Track record of multiple successful start-ups
History of scaling multiple companies to over $1B
Breadth and depth of tech development experience
Completed 20 exits, including five IPOs
Many on team have worked together before with great success

Our founder, John Oren, is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of success starting and scaling businesses in the logistics space, including same-day delivery. He has disrupted industries through innovation and assembled a team to do the same in the local, same-day delivery space. Our team has decades of same-day delivery experience paired with the software engineering chops to raise the bar of what’s possible with same-day delivery.

Delivery professionals can use our driver app to choose the deliveries they want to do – deliveries that are convenient and fit their schedule. They can accept multiple orders at once and let our platform automatically optimize their route, so they make as much as possible. We have designed a platform that works for the delivery professional, not the other way around.

For businesses, we’ve put ourselves in your shoes to build a desktop and mobile app with features that melt away the frustration and stress that often come with same-day deliveries. Businesses can use TUYA to reduce their delivery costs by connecting directly with delivery professionals and avoiding the middleman costs charged by conventional delivery services. They can create groups of preferred drivers, enjoy real-time tracking visibility and connect directly with drivers, saving time and money. These are just a few benefits TUYA offers businesses needing same-day delivery, and we’re adding new features all the time to keep pushing the envelope of what’s possible with same-day delivery.

The Team

TUYA has assembled an outstanding team of entrepreneurs and seasoned executives who have each excelled in their own area.

John Oren

John Oren

Co-Founder & CEO

John started his first delivery business in Houston in 1977. The company grew rapidly and expanded throughout the Southwest becoming the Eastway Group of Companies. The Eastway Group provided same-day, express delivery distribution services. In 1994, John consolidated his business with other like businesses to form US Delivery Systems, Inc. (NYSE:DLV). As a Founder and Chief Acquisition Officer, John led the effort to make US Delivery Systems the largest same-day, express delivery company in North America. US Delivery Systems was acquired by Corporate Express in 1996.

After leaving US Delivery, John became a Partner at Notre Capital Ventures focusing his attention on replicating US Delivery’s success in other highly fragmented and entrepreneurial-driven industries. Notre Capital was recognized as the undisputed leader of 'rolling up' fragmented industries in the Motor Coach industry (Coach USA), Manufactured Housing (Homes USA), HVAC (Comfort Systems USA) Heavy-Duty Truck Parts Distribution (Transportation Components USA), to name a few.

Most recently, John, with his son, Josh formed SandBox Logistics LLC based upon the over sixty-five patents granted to them related to the transportation, storage and delivery of frac sand into the hydraulic fracturing process. With their highly creative heavy equipment (including truck chassis, conveying and dust collection systems and rail cars), John and Josh were able to rapidly dominate the frac sand supply chains while eliminating dangerous clouds of silica dust emitted from the conventional methods.

Today, John’s entire focus is once again trained on the same-day, express delivery industry with the formation of TUYA Technologies. Serving as its CEO, John is introducing and applying new and highly innovative technology in order to change the way business and delivery professionals interact with one another to get parcels, packages and pallets moved rapidly across our cities.

Charlie Davenport

Charles Davenport

President & COO

Charlie is a veteran of the same day delivery industry with more than thirty years of owner/operator experience. His delivery career started in 1983 at Austin Delivery Service. As a co-Owner of Austin Delivery he grew and developed the business until selling to Eastway Delivery Service. After the sale, Charlie continued to operate the Austin division of Eastway and in 1994 participated in the formation of US Delivery which became the largest same day delivery company in the country.

In 1998 Charlie joined Avatar Technology a (DOT Com era) web development firm with offices in Austin, TX and New York City. His time with Avatar Technology helped him develop an understanding of the software development process.

In 2002 Charlie rejoined the logistics industry and since then has run a variety of trucking companies including Intermodal, LTL, FTL and Pool Distribution companies. In his leadership roles he has worked extensively with Independent Contractors and is well positioned to ensure that the driver experience in TUYA attracts and retains the best and most qualified drivers in our service areas. His extensive knowledge of the entire logistics industry combined with his software development experience uniquely position him to provide guidance to the development of TUYA.

Jay Costales

Jay Costales


Mr. Costales was a Technology Solutions Manager for the Raytheon Company from 2010 to 2013 where he provided Program Manager support for all IT and software development projects on a $50 million NASA contract that included the Space Station Remote Manipulator System. He was awarded a Johnson Space Center Exceptional Software Award and Silver Snoopy Award. Mr. Costales worked for the Sport Challenge Network where he developed a cloud based real-time Bowling Lane Monitoring System for 258+ bowling centers worldwide. While employed at Xycast as a Senior Software Architect/CTO in 2013 to 2015 where he designed the required architecture, protocols and mobile applications to support a proprietary digital broadcast network. This localized network served an unlimited number of people within highly populated venues without the use of WiFi or cellular networks. Prior to joining TUYA, Mr. Costales was a Senior Software Architect with Oceaneering where he designed, built, packaged and deployed a man-rated robotic arm distributed control system. Mr. Costales graduated from the University of Houston - Clear Lake with a BS in Computer Information Systems. He is a licensed NHRA driver and has developed software used by professional race teams to predict the impact of local weather on performance. Mr. Costales designed NHRA’s cloud based and on-site systems to report real-time results to media outlets.

Steve Blum

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining TUYA Technologies, Steve was involved in the formation and management of several startup operations in healthcare, entertainment and distribution. He has also held management roles in acquisitions, business development, accounting and finance with several public companies.

Most recently Steve served as the EVP and was a founder of a genetic testing laboratory with operations in Houston and Honolulu. Steve led the acquisition effort and daily management of several wholesale and retail auto parts businesses in the Hawaiian Islands that were later successfully sold to a large national automotive parts retailer. Steve also served as senior vice president of corporate development with TransCom USA. He was a senior vice president with Notre Capital Ventures, specializing in the consolidation of highly fragmented industries. Steve was manager of acquisitions for US Delivery Systems (NYSE – “DLV”) where he was instrumental in the acquisition of 73 delivery companies across the United States.

Taylor Meador

Taylor Meador

Sales and Marketing Manager

Taylor Meador is an accomplished leader in the logistics and transportation industry.

With her extensive background in courier services, final mile, home delivery, distribution, fulfillment, warehousing and more, she brings a wealth of firsthand experience to every client interaction and is dedicated to providing unparalleled logistics solutions across the state of Texas

Throughout her tenure, she has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of clients spanning various industries, assisting them in meeting their logistical and transportation needs with precision and efficiency. Her commitment to personalized attention ensures that each client receives tailored solutions designed to optimize their supply chain and drive success.

Taylor’ proven success in both sales and marketing has made her a valuable asset to Hot Shot Final Mile and TUYA Technologies alike.

Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller

Vice President

In 2008, Shelly founded Dependable Express, LLC, a full-service logistics company. Under her leadership, Dependable Express grew to become a recognized leader in expedited freight and final mile home delivery. Shelly's dedication to the logistics community extended beyond her own company. For eight years, she served on the board of directors for the Texas Courier and Logistics Association, where she held the position of president for two years. During her tenure, she contributed to the growth and development of the association advocating for industry best practices, margin tax relief, and fostering collaboration among members.

In 2017, Shelly embarked on a new chapter in when she joined Tuya Technologies. Her wealth of experience and strategic vision have proven invaluable as she’s served the role of General Manager, Director of Customer Success, and now Vice President at Tuya. As Vice President, Shelly combines servant leadership with strategic planning and analytics to create efficiencies and take a proactive approve to problem solving.


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