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Reinventing Same-Day Delivery

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How it Works

Whether an important document or stack of packages, you want same-day delivery to be easy and hassle free.

Placing an Order

Enter your order quickly with ease.

Fast order entry
Choose your delivery professional
Transparent pricing
Include customer reference codes
Track an Order to Delivery

You and your customers can follow the delivery progress every step of the way

Instant notifications
Connect directly with your delivery professional
Real-time tracking
Get proof of delivery
Create Your Own Fleet 

Pick the drivers you trust to complete the job

Send exclusive orders to individual drivers
A crowdsourced fleet without the cost of ownership
Create groups of your favorite drivers
TUYA can preload groups for your special needs

Get a quick estimate

With TUYA you get complete price transparency before placing an order. Use this estimator to see how our pricing compares to your current provider.

Discounts available based on volume.

Prices start at


Same-Day, Your Way

No matter your business, we get it TUYA.

Lower your delivery costs

TUYA strips out inefficiency by automating a direct connection between businesses and delivery professionals.

Free registration
See prices before ordering
Personalized fleet at a fraction of the cost of ownership
Streamline your same-day deliveries

Save time by managing your deliveries with TUYA.

Real-time tracking and notifications
Proof of delivery, including pictures
Talk directly with your delivery professional
Grow your business

Use same-day delivery powered by TUYA to enhance your customers’ experience

Share real-time tracking with your customers
Create groups of drivers fit-for-purpose to meet your customers’ needs
Save your customers time by choosing to let them speak directly with the delivery professional
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More Features for Same-Day Customers

We can tailor TUYA to your needs.

Custom Reports

We can provide you custom reports by business, department, customer charge code and more.

Flexible Payment Terms

Receive invoices weekly or monthly, and pay by credit card, check or ACH.

Preloaded Groups of Drivers

TUYA can preload groups of drivers with the experience, training and even equipment needed to best serve your operational and customer specific needs.


Have multiple people in your office that place same-day delivery orders? We can come to your office to train your staff. We also offer training videos on our YouTube channel.