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5 New TUYA Driver App Features

By December 26, 2019No Comments

On Friday, December 27th, the TUYA Driver app is unveiling new features. These features will help delivery professionals make informed decisions on the deliveries they accept on the TUYA Driver app as well as help them during their deliveries.

1. Recommended Deliveries


TUYA has added a ‘Recommended’ tag to deliveries that the TUYA platform’s algorithm believes fit well with the current deliveries of a delivery professional. This will help delivery professionals decide which deliveries to accept.

2. Not Recommended Deliveries

TUYA has added a ‘Not Recommended’ popup window to deliveries that the TUYA platform’s algorithm believes will cause a delivery professional to miss a delivery window. Drivers will no longer need to map out their current deliveries and deadlines. The TUYA platform takes care of the math for the delivery professional.

3. Multi-stop Deliveries

Delivery professionals will start to see multi-stop deliveries on the TUYA platform.

4. New Details Button for Pickup and Delivery

Thank you to the delivery professionals using the TUYA platform for providing feedback on the TUYA Driver app. TUYA has added a button to the pickup/delivery screen that gives drivers more details about the order. On this screen, delivery professionals will be able to see all the details of the order and contact the shipper.

5. Updated Delivery Screen Design

TUYA has improved the design of the delivery screen. Now delivery professionals will see the price of the delivery on the right-hand side. The other icons have moved under the delivery business name and time. This subtle change will make the icons that drivers care about more visible.