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Get TUYA Know-ya: Five Things to Know About TUYA

By March 13, 2020January 4th, 2024No Comments

In early February of 2020, a shocking revelation unexpectedly came to light and swept the nation.

This event sparked widespread feelings of confusion and bewilderment – people couldn’t comprehend how something so innocuous could take a stand.

The interwebs realized that brooms could stand…entirely on their own!


Although it was rooted in a hoax that was eventually cleaned up (last one, we promise!), the viral Broom Challenge demonstrates that sometimes a tool that we frequently use has hidden benefits, features or qualities that we might not be aware of.

TUYA is committed to transparency at every level so we want to make sure that our users know and understand the full spectrum of the platform so there are no Broom Challenge-esque surprises. Here are five key things to know about TUYA:

1. We have a customer service line to help you if there are any questions or concerns!

customer service agent

Occasionally, there might be orders that need extra attention, more information or you may just need some general help in placing. TUYA’s knowledgeable platform managers have the experience, expertise and customer service excellence to assist with questions or issues at any stage of the delivery. Call 844-240-8892 to speak to one today or save the number for when you need it.

2. The TUYA Shipper App is now iPhone compatible

Early TUYA embracers may recall that the mobile app was an Android-only offering when it first launched. However, the TUYA Shipper app is now available (for free download) in the App Store.

3. TUYA is now located in three major Texas cities (with a fourth on the way).

Texas map

Did you know: Our headquarters is based in the Space City itself – Houston, Texas. It was the first market ever launched in, but since then TUYA has gone on to do a Texas two-step into San Antonio and Dallas. The next Texas destination: Austin.

4. Our Account Executives can provide in-person demos.

girl pointing

Need to see a live demonstration of the TUYA platform in action? We can certainly arrange that! Our friendly and knowledgeable Account Executives are always willing to schedule an onsite, in-person demo to showcase TUYA’s capabilities and provide the extra “WOW factor” for yourself and your team!

5. You can now select the vehicle type that’s best for your delivery.

SA map

TUYA is all about providing users with the best same-day delivery experience and more control over the process than ever before. We listened to your early feedback and with the most recent app update, you can now select the vehicle type that’s best suited for your delivery.

Want to know even more about TUYA? Please visit here. We continuously make sweeping (sorry, not sorry) updates to fully optimize the user experience for your same-day business deliveries.