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10 Ways Small Businesses Use Same-Day Delivery to Enhance Their Business

By March 5, 2020No Comments

As a small business owner, you have more things on your plate than hours in the day! Using same-day local delivery to outsource some of your tasks allows you to spend more time focusing on and growing your business.

1. Deliver your products to local customers

Do you create custom wedding decorations? Want to send them directly to the venue without leaving your shop? Same-day delivery makes that possible.

2. Pick up mail from your PO Box

Does your business use a PO BOX? Spend less time on the road making pick-ups and let same-day delivery do the picking up for you!

3. Pick up checks from your customers

Ever have to pick up checks from customers? Everyone likes to get paid on-time, but it can be hard to go across town or wait for it via snail mail. Use same-day delivery to help you get paid today.

4. Send your designs to a client

Architects often need to send their designs to prospective clients or directly to jobsites. Using same-day delivery to send your materials allows you to spend more time working on designs for other clients.

5. Pick up time-sensitive, business critical items for your business

Do you run a food truck and have ever run out of something you need for the business to stay open? When you are one or two-person crew, you can’t afford to leave to pick up an item. Stop losing sales and use same-day delivery to pick up the items you need for immediate business needs.

6. Send custom gift baskets to your loyal customers

Occasionally, you might want to reward your loyal customers with gifts. Send those custom gift baskets filled with your newest promotional items same day.

7. Same-day delivery is a Realtor’s MVP

Are you a real estate agent that needs signage on a property or showing items (tables, decorations, etc.) delivered to several properties? Deliver them all same day with TUYA.

8. Deliver business proposals or RFPS

Go the extra mile and deliver paper copies of your proposals directly to prospective clients.

9. Offer same-day delivery to stand out form the competition

Looking for ways to increase sales of your custom t-shirts? Offer same-day delivery for your products as an added value.

10. Send samples of your product to local social media influencers

Local social media influencers can bring real business to your shop. Partner with them by sending samples of your product! They’ll soon be tagging you for giving them (and their followers) Gram-worthy glam inspo!