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Add Value to Your Brand When Selecting Your Delivery Professional(s)

By March 5, 2020March 6th, 2020No Comments
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Find the Right Driver that Extends Your Brand Value

Have you ever had one of these issues before with traditional courier services you’ve used in the past? Be honest. It’s ok (we won’t say anything to them).

“The driver got lost and the delivery was late. This prevented the client from completing a deadline-sensitive job on time.”

“The driver was rude to their receptionist. Now they won’t do business with me anymore. I don’t even know the name of the person who made the delivery.”

“There was a major traffic accident on the highway so I knew that several of my hot shot deliveries would probably be delayed…but I never heard from anyone about new ETAs or status updates.”  

“The package never arrived. I reached out to the company, but they don’t even deliver it themselves! They forward the order to another company, which handles the actual delivery. I’m questioning all my life choices now.”

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For businesses large and small alike, it’s now more important than ever to provide top-flight service, dependable quality and deliver on time with services and products. It’s imperative to know exactly where in transit items are to avoid any miscommunication mishaps between you and your fellow business customers every step of the way – including (and especially) deliveries.

TUYA’s technology offers more control when it comes to facilitating deliveries by giving users increased transparency over the same-day delivery process than ever before. This includes being able to select your own Delivery Professional – or several of them, depending on your shipping needs. There is an intrinsic value in having the option to do so.

Not just “The Driver” anymore

Too often with traditional carrier services, the folks handling invaluable same-day deliveries our businesses depend upon are known simply as just “The Driver.” However, there’s no business value in that. When choosing your TUYA Delivery Professional, you know exactly who the person is at the helm of making sure that vital business assets are handled and delivered with care; this individual is now a part of your organization. Your chosen Delivery Professional becomes, to a certain degree, an extended representative of your business, giving a face, voice and professionalism to the last – and most crucial – stage of your business.

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Added Layer of Professionalism

When you don’t know who your delivery person is (and they don’t know you), there is already an immediate communication breakdown. Think about this in your personal life with your own online purchases. Have you ever been in a situation where it said your order of vintage Hello Kitty figurines would be there by Monday evening at 8pm…and then 8pm just came and went accompanied by emphatic silence? Maybe randomly in the middle of the night the ETA updated to Tuesday morning? Still, wouldn’t a phone call from the delivery person keeping you in the loop make a difference? Maybe there’s even a funny story behind it…but you’ll never get to laugh about it because no explanation was or ever will be given.

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In the rare instances when unforeseen events create delays (even the most seasoned delivery professionals can’t maneuver around flash floods), communication about your business deliveries matter far more than personal ones. Beyond TUYA’s real-time tracking, your Delivery Professional might know and understand your specific business needs very well (especially if he has delivered for you before) and can directly communicate about any unforeseen issues or maybe has a question about a drop-off detail. Conversely, any of yours can be answered as well as he or she is always just a phone call away. There’s never a void for your delivery to forever disappear into if the lines of communication are open from start to finish.

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The right Delivery Professional (or several of them if you’re sending out a high volume of same-day deliveries) can add tremendous value to your business as a vital extension of your brand. When you know who your driver is, can easily communicate with one another and are on the same page about specific business needs, this assures end to end brand quality assurance every step of the way. TUYA’s technology provides a direct connection in finding the best possible fit for your business.