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3 Vital Ways TUYA Adds Value to Your Business

By February 24, 2020March 4th, 2020No Comments

In May of 2013, a Los Angeles donut shop located in the heart of Koreatown that had been doing respectable (if not booming) business for 31 years did the unthinkable – they joined Instagram.

The result was transformative almost overnight. Lines began wrapping around the block. It became a destination hotspot for celebs and influencers. Travelers from all over the world – fresh from just landing at LAX – would get in line with their luggage still in hand, all for Gram-worthy pics with their chosen delectable delights. Demand grew so much the shop had to expand into the space next to it. Business was far beyond booming…it was sensational.

The right technology can add tremendous value to your business. Here are 3 key ways the TUYA platform can add value to (and potentially transform) your business.

1. Reduce supply chain cost while still meeting demand.


There’s nothing worse than when a client needs a small part, but it’s not in citywide inventory and getting it from the national supplier will take “a few” days. Bobcat of Houston recognized this problem and now utilizes the TUYA platform for internal and external supply transfers to maintain their inventory across all 4 of its Houston area locations. This enables Bobcat’s operations to keep supply chain costs down while still effortlessly providing on-demand same-day delivery service to their customers.

2. Pricey delivery costs can be reinvested into your business.

Many business owners try avoiding costly same-day delivery services by handling deliveries themselves. While this might seem like a cost-cutting measure, pricing that goes into each delivery adds up fast! The multitude of  these covert costs must be accounted for – including fuel, vehicle maintenance and commercial vehicle insurance (just those insurance rates alone can be faint-inducing!) Using TUYA for on-demand same-day delivery needs can eliminate those costs, allowing reinvestment into more urgent areas of your business.

3. End-to-end transparency for TUYA users means the same transparency for their customers.

No one likes to over-promise and/or under-deliver, but for businesses this can be devastating. When is the last time you went to a mechanic, dentist or even a taco truck with an unfavorable Yelp review? If your commercial refrigeration business is depending on a part delivery so you can fix a valued customer’s smoothie machine before National Smoothie Day weekend (yep, that’s a real thing – celebrated each year on June 21st, the first day of summer), don’t you want to know exactly when it will arrive to factor into the repair completion time? Consumers value transparency and TUYA’s platform provides upfront pricing, real-time tracking updates and even the ability to choose – and directly communicate with – your delivery professional! This unparalleled transparency can be extended to your customers with the services you perform for (and the pricing/due dates promised to) them.

TUYA is reshaping on-demand same-day delivery for businesses, large and small alike. The right tech innovation can reinvigorate and energize your business. Just ask California Donuts (they now have 396,000 IG followers).

Watch a demo to see the TUYA platform in action. It just might be the transformative platform your business needs!