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TUYA’s Technology Breaks Down Communication Barriers

By February 18, 2020March 4th, 2020No Comments

New technology like TUYA is making same-day delivery not what it used to be. That’s a wonderful thing.

There are 3 words that have a way of immediately impacting us – the 3 words that can create a sudden flurry of emotions and expose the deepest vulnerability of even those with the toughest resolve:

Out for delivery.”

girl confused

What does that even mean? Is it just a few moments from reaching its destination or is it still several hours away? This is especially crucial for business owners. If you’re tasked with fixing an alternator and the vehicle repair is due for completion by a specified time (the owner stressed she NEEDS the car by then to take her son, Billy, to his friend’s 7th birthday party), exactly how close is the part? Will the repair get done on time or will this be a chapter in Billy’s future book when he writes about how missing his friend’s 7th birthday party led to an inevitable downward spiral?

For most business owners, large and small alike, the stakes are higher when achieving urgent business goals depends on how quickly (and efficiently) they receive the necessary materials to do their work. That can be a challenge when there has historically been so much fragmentation and lack of clear and direct communication channels during the last stage of delivery.

Originally A Cumbersome Process

The original way of securing same-day shipping has long been a highly cumbersome process with lots of moving parts (no pun intended). In the original model, shippers would place orders with a customer service rep (CSR) who relays the order to a dispatcher who then connects the orders with a carrier. There are more hands passing the baton, but this also means the potential for delays or outright mishaps in the communication chain. Remember the telephone game you played as a kid? This is a real-life version of that. This can also stifle updates on oft-limited order tracking resources and why those “out for delivery” messages are so vague.

The good news: The TUYA platform now enables a direct connection from the shipper originating the order to their driver.

Business Benefits of Using TUYA

When orders are placed, TUYA connects you directly with the driver. This saves time because the orders no longer pass through two additional channels – this end-to-end communication process begins when TUYA drivers accept the orders themselves. There is also less hassle if a detail with the order was placed incorrectly and needs to be fixed. The CSRs and Dispatcher roles are now TUYA platform managers that can further assist shippers and drivers. Most importantly, there is now transparency about package delivery status with real-time tracking and the ability to directly contact your driver. The vague, anxiety-inducing “out for delivery” message becomes obsolete through direct communication that TUYA’s platform enables. Drivers can even snap a photo of the drop-off.

TUYA is ushering in a new era with on-demand same-day delivery. The platform is already working to close the bridge between shipper-carrier communication for overall better business results. Saving time with less hassle and increasing transparency are vital components that allow all types of businesses to flourish. It’s time for business owners to take the guesswork and stress of just when exactly “out for delivery” means. And hopefully get Billy to the birthday party right on time!

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