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It’s time to fall in love…with TUYA!

By February 14, 2020No Comments

Your new favorite digital platform for on-demand same-day delivery is here at the PERFECT time. After all, receiving even the most lavish flower bouquet on February 15th doesn’t secure the same office bragging rights that getting them on time does!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, TUYA has partnered with all Houston area-based Breen’s Florist locations (known for their gorgeously crafted floral arrangements) for their same-day delivery needs. Businesses can reliably use TUYA so that they can focus on what they do best while our Delivery Professionals do what they do best!

If Valentine’s Day has snuck up on you this year, TUYA’s dependable Delivery Professionals can fill in as Cupid (minus the wings). They are ready to ensure your Valentine’s Day gifting doesn’t end with broken hearts.

With TUYA you have:

  • A direct approach – communicate directly with your Delivery Professional
  • Transparency – track your order in real time (and share tracking info with the recipient if you wish)
  • Assurance – receive proof of delivery (even photos if requested!

Watch the video below to see one of our many dedicated Delivery Professionals gearing up for her next round of deliveries.